FLOE Dock | Roll In | Aluminum | Wisconsin | Minnesota | Boat Lift

FLOE Docks for sale at St Croix Dock in St Croix Falls, Wisconsin.  We are an authorized FLOE dealer in Wisconsin and Minnesota. FLOE Roll In Aluminum Docks are available in a variety of finishes from Grey Aluminum, Aluma-Grain which resembles cedar, but is a baked on finish on aluminum decking.  Aluminum is the coolest decking when it comes to your dock.  The aluminum is a great conductor, and pulls the heat from the dock i=through the frame and cools it with the water temperature.  The dock is also available in Blue carpet and cedar decking.  Floe docks have wheel sections on every section, so they are easy to install and remove.  The docks are also adjustable from the top using a cordless drill.  No more getting in the water to adjust legs. FLOE docks have many options in width and length so any number of combinations and layouts can be created.

*Docks, Lifts, Parts, and Accessories priced without shipping charges.  You will receive a call to inform you of the shipping cost.