FLOE Enclosed Trailers


FLOE Enclosed Trailer Features

Gull Wing Doors

Gull wing doors add function, protection and style! The FLOE Pro-Tektor™ trailers come standard with aerodynamic front and rear gull wing doors which provide a high overhead clearance. The full-length hinge gives lasting quality and protection and the dual gas shock assist allows for easy access.

Pro-Tektor™ Gull Wing Doors on Floe Enclosed Trailer

Lockable Doors

Both the gull wing and side door comes standard with key-locking latches to keep your valuables safe. The locks have the added benefit of ensuring that the latch and door remain secured during transport. Rubber boots cover the gull wing latch handles to keep them free of corrosion and debris, and will last the life of your trailer.

Pro-Tektor™ Lockable Doors for Floe Enclosed Trailer

Rock Guard

FLOE’s enclosed trailer design includes a rock guard protector to prevent trailer damage in critical areas and comes standard on all enclosed trailers. The protector is a 14″ tall diamond plate panel on the front and rear doors. It not only adds value and increases the lifespan of the enclosure, it looks great!

Pro-Tektor™ Rock Guard for Floe Enclosed Trailer

Enclosure Vent

The enclosure vent helps to prevent excessive heat build-up and to minimize moisture inside the enclosure. It balances the interior and exterior pressure and comes standard on all enclosed trailers.

Pro-Tektor™ Vent for Floe Enclosed Trailer

Side Access Door

There is always more one thing to stow. With FLOE’s enclosed trailers, you can use the lockable side access door! It is so convenient for loading, unloading or securing your gear. Single doors are standard on all 16’ and 22’ enclosures and four doors are provided on 28’ enclosures.

Pro-Tektor™ Side Door for Floe Enclosed Trailer

OPTIONAL Spare Tire Carrier

Keep your spare tire and wheel protected from the elements with the optional enclosure spare tire carrier. The spare is mounted using the Versa-Lock/Versa-Track system, meaning your carrier will be mounted at the perfect height. (Spare tire and wheel sold separately.)

Pro-Tektor™ Spare Tire for Floe Enclosed Trailer
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