FLOE Roll In Docks


FLOE Roll In Dock Features

FLOE Roll In Dock Structure

Bridge-Type Truss Design

FLOE’s Roll-In docks provide the highest strength-to-weight ratio available with their bridge-type truss design. The beautiful finished appearance is achieved by welding the webbing to the inside of the dock. Rather than the waves pounding against the dock they will flow through the open design, thereby extending the life of the dock.

FLOE Easy-Level™ Docks

Easy-Level™ Leveling System

Floe’s rust-resistant, flush mounted Easy-Level™ System allows top side leveling of the dock without ever entering the water! All that’s needed is a cordless drill or FLOE’s leveling tool. For a clean, smooth appearance, the adjustment hole is neatly topped off with a flat plastic cap.

FLOE Quick-Connects™

Quick-Connects™ and Easy-Level™ Wheel Kits

FLOE’S trademarked Quick-Connects™ and Easy-Level™ Wheel Kits allow for effortless connections and endless configurations! Because there is no hard bolting, dock sections can be simply moved or added to adjust to ever-changing needs and customization.

Roll In Dock Double Bracing

Double Braced Easy-Level™ Support Legs

No more unsafe dock sway! Enjoy a safe, solid dock surface with the unrivaled stability of FLOE’s double braced legs. You’ll feel like you’re walking on a permanent pier structure. FLOE’s Double Braced Easy-Level™ Wheel Kits are available in sizes that can safely accommodate water depths up to 8 1/2 feet.

Anti-Sway Wheel Kit Clip

FLOE Multiple Anti-Sway Wheel Kits

Treat yourself to the ease of a FLOE Roll In Dock with multiple features to make installing and removing a dock a breeze… even a one-person job!
Each FLOE roll in dock section is equipped with high density polymer wheels so you lift less than half the weight of just one section no matter the length of the dock!

FLOE Shoreway Ramps

The Shoreway Ramp

FLOE’s Shoreway Ramp coordinates with the FLOE roll in dock with the proprietary bridge truss structure and can be used with or without wheel kits. The wheels allow the roll in dock to be independently adjusted and moved around like other sections. If storage is important to you, the ramp without wheels can be set onto the main dock for compact storage.

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