Do you want to canoe without having to buy or store one? Or have you been wanting to try kayaking? You can rent a canoe or kayak from St Croix Dock and… for a day or a week.

Canoeing and kayaking are great summer activities. Paddling is a low-impact activity that can improve your fitness and flexibility. You can make canoeing as low-key or adventurous as you want and you can go solo or in a group, on a river or in a lake!

There are all types of canoe and kayak activities, including:

  • Relaxing Recreation: Take a relaxing canoe or kayak trip on a river that meanders through farmland or spectacular rock formations. You’ll probably catch some amazing wildlife, too!
  • Adventure: Take-off for the Apostle Islands and experience the caves and sandstone shoreline in a canoe or kayak.
  • Whitewater: You can get a rush whitewater kayaking and canoeing on the Wolf River.
  • Canoe Sailing: Fit your canoe with a sail for a new experience.
  • Surf Kayaking: Did you know you can fit your kayak with a fin, like a surfboard?
  • Racing: If you are up for a challenge, get into racing. There are sprints and marathons.
  • Slalom: In a slalom event, you use a pole to navigate a white water course.
  • Freestyle: Freestyle is amazing to watch as the participants perform a range of acrobatic tricks and maneuvers on the water.

Canoeing, kayaking and even stand up paddle boarding appeals to folks of every age and every skill level, with many places now offering accessible watercraft. Find your next adventure in a canoe!

You don’t even have to own a canoe or kayak, you can rent a canoe or kayak! So, what are you waiting for? Call to reserve your next adventure.

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