The Ronix Potbelly Rocket… Naked! The only board of its kind where the thickest part of the board is the belly, riding nose high like its Ronix Potbelly Cruiser counterpart! This board does everything in 5th gear—plenty of drive, the response of a Lunatic and the unique riding style more like a traditional surf board.

The Naked construction reinforces less is more, for the purest form of wakesurfing. The hard rails will give the rider amazing high speed carves and the potbelly more push down the line of the wave.

The Ronix Potbelly Naked and Cruiser styles come standard with the exclusive Ronix tool-less fin-s 2 attachment system for easy fin setup in just seconds.

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Potbelly Rocket… Naked! Wakesurf Boards Video from Ronix

Ronix Potbelly Rocket Naked Wakesurf Board