The advantages to kneeboarding over wakesurfing or waterskiing include a lower center of gravity (making it easier to get up on than a waterski or wakeboard, both of which require standing up), less wind resistance, the ability to ride higher and farther back, and taking off on a steeper part of the wave. Our kneeboards have contoured, padded decks, and a strap that holds the rider to the board. Kneeboards are a great way to get your feet wet in the world of water sports.


Do you want to get your family on the water, but don’t know where to start? Try a kneeboard. Kneeboards are boards ridden while kneeling, instead of standing in the ocean surf or while being towed behind a boat on a lake or river.

We also have accessories that will make your kneeboarding experience just a little bit better. The Pannoshock is an inflatable shock absorbent kneeboard seat that is anatomically designed to fit any rider, with a shock system that cushions massive airs and relieves pressure off of ankles, knees, and your lower back for effortless riding. We carry two different kneeboard straps: the Pannolock, a durable, double-locking kneeboard strap that will keep you in place during wild rides, and the Powerlock, a single-locking kneeboard strap with soft padding for a comfortable ride.

We carry kneeboards and accessories from top notch brands like Radar, HO Sports, and O’Brien. So not only will you have a great time, but you’ll know that you’ll have the best quality boards while doing it.
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