Want to bring your street moves to the water? Want to leave your boots behind, and just slip on some shoes and go? You should really try wakeskating. It’s just like skateboarding, but instead of wheels, you’ve got fins, and instead of asphalt, there’s water. It’s an entirely different and more rugged take on water sports as opposed to waterskiing or wakeboarding.


Wakeskating is the perfect alternative to traditional water sports like waterskiing and wakeboarding. If you are looking for a new and different type of water adventure, this is for you. Wakeskates are binding and boot free, just slap on some shoes and you are ready to ride. Wakeskating is a fun and simple way to switch up your ride this season. It’s a more free ride, and if that’s what you are looking for, look no further.

Wakeskates are, much like skateboards, made from wood instead of fiberglass, and have a non-skid deck. Ronix carries three different kinds of wakeskates, and Wakeboss® has them all. There is the Boomstick, a bi-level board, and Reed Hansen’s pro model, and comes in three different sizes. The Electric Collective is a board created with a smooth, explosive lift while also featuring stability and board control. And finally, the Rove Karver, a freeride carving machine, is the most affordable, fast, and reliable board in the line. These boards are equipped with either two or three fins, and feature either a hybrid or blended rocker, EVA top decks, and obese technology. They range in size from 40” to 44”.
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