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You’ve made it past the first step in gearing up to wakeboard or wakesurf, you’ve got your board. But there is so much more that you need before you are ready to hit the water. You need boots/bindings, gloves, ropes, handles, fins, and more to be fully geared up. But worry not, Wakeboss™ has everything you are going to need.


We have a multitude of different ropes and handles. We’ve got pro packages from Hyperlite, like the Murray handle with a floating flat line, different sized and shaped handles from Ronix, and tons of combos and mainlines from both. You need something to grip said handles without beating up your hands, and we’ve got the gloves to keep you covered. We have a wide selection of gloves in many different colors and sizes, and gloves for both competition and regular old joy riding. Your feet need a little love too, and we have plenty of boots and bindings. We have lots of different styles and colors from Ronix and Hyperlite. We have pro-inspired boots from Hyperlite like the Kruz, Murray, and Webb. We’ve got the ladies covered, too, with boots like the Brighton and Blur from Hyperlite, and the Limelight and Halo from Ronix. We’ve got kids boots from Hyperlite and Ronix, as well. We’ve also got a collection of fins to make gliding through the water easier. We’ve got fins in all different sizes and colors for wakeboards and wakesurfers. If you don’t see what you are looking for, email or call Wakeboss™ .

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