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Getting your water skis is only the first step to getting up and out of the water. You need ropes, boots/bindings, gloves, and all the accessories to round out your gear line up. In this, we’ve got you covered.


Wakeboss® has all the waterski accessories, equipment and gear that you may need for your next waterskiing adventure. We have the best boots and bindings in the business, like the Vapor, Vector, and Lyric boots from Radar, and the Animal, XMax, and Freemax from HO Sports. We carry both boots, and adjustable and hybrid rear toe plates (ART and HRT). So whether you want full coverage for your feet, or just want to tuck your toes, we’ve got the water skiing boots for you.

We carry a wide variety of gloves in many different sizes and colors from both Radar and HO Sports. From the Radar Vapor, Ergo, and Bliss to the HO Syndicate, World Cup, and Pro Grip, you will be able to find whatever kind of glove you need. The HO World Cup gloves also come in a ¾ size, so if you want to be able to grip with your bare fingertips, but still want protection for your hands, these are the gloves for you.

Wakeboss® also has many different water ski ropes and handles. We carry single handles, combos, and pro packages to fill whatever needs you have. We carry water ski fins and combo bars as well. Whether you want to glide like a pro with the Syndicate adjustable fin, or find more stability with a slalom wing set, you can find it here.
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