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Ropes are pretty much the most important piece of gear you’ll own. You literally can’t do anything without a rope. You need a rope to water ski, you need a rope to wakeboard, you need a rope to wakesurf, you need a rope for tubing. If you don’t have a rope – and a good one, at that – you’ll be stuck on the shore. Wakeboss® has got you covered on this front. We carry ropes for all those occasions.


We have mainlines in two different sizes (70’ and 80’) for both skiing and wakeboarding, combos and pro packages (like the Murray, Franchise, and Webb from Hyperlite), surf ropes with and without handles, and tubing ropes in three different weight class sizes. We have both woven fiber and silicone lines that float, in a bunch of different colors, so you definitely won’t lose your line. We have knotted, standard, and bungee stretch surf ropes, so whatever kind of ride you are looking for, you can achieve it with the right rope.

Find the correct rope for the best experience. The standard length for a rope is 70-75 feet, with the handle, and usually made from polypropylene that will stretch 2-3% of its length under normal conditions. The bit of elasticity is required to absorb shock and provide some give as the rider changes speed and goes from side-to-side cutting through boat wake. It is recommended that rope be 1/4″ diamond braid polyethylene or polypropylene with breaking strength rated at greater than 800 pounds.
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