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When people think of water sports, waterskiing is one of the first things that immediately come to mind. It is a quintessential part of having fun on the water, and that long standing tradition is something that we honor here at Wakeboss®. All the water skis and waterskiing accessories that you could possibly want are available at Wakeboss®.


We carry water skis from industry leading brands, Radar and HO Sports. We have both combos and slalom skis, for whatever kind of ride you are looking for. There are skis for course riding in a slalom course or competition arena; crossover skis for riding in both courses and in the open water; and free riding skis for riding in primarily open water spaces like lakes and rivers. The skis we carry are of the highest quality materials, using a multitude of foams and carbons to create skis that you will love to ride for many years to come.

Waterskiing requires both upper and lower body strength, muscular endurance and good balance. Most water skiers start out in the water. Once the skier has their skis on and the tow rope positioned between their skis, the boat will accelerate. Good water skis, and a quality waterski rope is critical to the skiing experience. When looking to invest to quality water skis, the heavier the person, the bigger the skis. We carry skis in all sizes, so whatever you need, we can make your dream of gliding through the water possible.

Children’s skis are available and consist of two (shorter) skis tied together at the back and front. By having the skis connected, less strength is necessary for the child to keep the skis together. Additionally, these skis may come with a handle to help balance the skier as well.

Check out all of our water skis:
For your convenience, we also carry some amazing Water Ski Packages.
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