Massi Piffaretti Presents the Ronix Happy Hour Wakeboard

Massi Piffaretti presents his first ever pro model with Ronix, the Happy Hour. Massi has been a professional rider with Ronix for about three years. He has ridden all the different boards in his quest to determine the features he really liked.

For the 2018 line of Ronix wakeboards, Massi took the “surfy” feeling and nice soft landing of the One Board, combined it with the continuous rocker action of the Billboard to create his signature Happy Hour wakeboard. As soon as he started working on the Happy Hour, he knew he was looking for a fast board with a smooth take-off.

The Happy Hour has the only continuous rocker in the Ronix boat board line, offers the smoothest and most consistent take-off within our range. A shape designed to take your trick further onto the flats, with softer landings. The Happy Hour will allow you to lock in your edge without a lot of effort. It’s a board that easily points into a turn with a playful feel. Perfect for all styles of riding!

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