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Mission Delta Wakesurf Device


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Mission Delta Wakesurf Device

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Mission Delta Wakesurf Device

Mission Delta Wakesurf Device Mission Delta Wakesurf Device

Mission Delta Wakesurf Device


DELTA makes it easy to generate a perfect wave for wakesurfing.


Compatible with most inboard boats.


Makes waves even better on boats with factory surf tab systems.


Attaches in seconds and removes without a trace.


Oversized suction cups provide plenty of holding power.

DELTA will deliver a great wave on almost any boat with the right ballast setup and DELTA attached in the right location. We’ve tested many boats and have been able to find a place that works on almost all. Exceptions to this include: dual engine jet boats (too much jet wash), 06-07 Mastercraft X2’s (large decals), and a 99 Malibu Response LX (steps are too small).


Look for a 5×13” smooth location about 2-4” below the waterline when fully ballasted and at surf speeds. The location must be free of decals. Note, if DELTA needs to be placed lower then that, you can lean the boat slightly towards the surf side to lift DELTA up closer to the surface of the water. Also position DELTA as far back as possible.

If you have very little ballast we recommend unscrewing and reversing the orientation of the front panel so that it is positioned even further back. This allows the panel to be fully submerged when in motion which improves effectiveness and reduces splashing.


Weight the boat evenly left to right with 60% in the back and 40% in the front. More ballast in the back increases the height and more in the front increases the length. If you have a mid-engined inboard, you will want to use more weight in the back to compensate for the center engine weight. Also, longer boats require more ballast to offset the additional buoyancy of the hull.


With a decently weighted v-drive, start at 10mph and work your way up. Slower speeds generate more height and faster speeds generate more length (at the expense of height). You should settle in around 11.2mph but that all depends on the length, hull shape, ballast, passenger weight, and your preference.

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