FLOE Boat Lift Off Road Wheel Kit


FLOE Boat Lift Off-Road Wheel Kit

P1600 kit contains 2 brackets and 2 tires.

V2000-VSD5000 kit contains 2 brackets and 2 tires.

VSD6000-VSD8000 kit contains 2 brackets and 4 tires. Two kits recommended per lift.

VSD10000 kit contains 2 brackets and 4 tires. Two kits recommended per lift.

Boat Lift Wheel Kits

  • Allows you to roll your lift in and out without heavy lifting
  • Airtight wheels provide about 60 pounds of flotation each to lighten the lift while moving it in the water
  • Can stay permanently mounted to lift

If you have straight in/straight out access for your lift, you can simply add two pair of wheels. Easy-Level™ and wheel kits – the ultimate combination! Lift installation is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Raise the boat lift leveling legs with your cordless drill or wrench
  2. Move the boat lift into position
  3. Use your cordless drill to lower the Easy-Level™ leveling legs until the lift is level in the optimum water range and the wheels are off the bottom.

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