Ronix Space Blanket Vest - Medium



Ronix Space Blanket Cable Edition Impact Jacket

A lunar shock proof cable delicatessen.

Cable Fit – You know how they say the earth is 2/3’s water? Did you know that 68% of fresh water on earth is in glaciers? Oh yeah, did you also know that we have a cable fit jacket?


-Cylindrical Construction - There is a homie named Capella from back in the day. He knew the earth was round. We ripped off his theories and made our vests round. A cylinder fit that curves to your body unlike any flat vest.

-Glideskin -We live in a world that likes bling. Glideskin is shiny. Which makes it cool and relevant.

-Four Way Stretch Neoprene - A material that moves in any direction when you do

-Thermal Inside Liner -Quite arguably the greatest creation since we came up with the Capella vest. A material that feels extra comfy when you try it on dry, and dries quicker than a standard material.

-2 Buckles 1 Zip Closure

-Non Coast Guard Approved

    Type: Life Jackets

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