Wake & Surf Videos

Tips for First Time Wakesurfers from Miller Kinlin

Miller Kinlin, computer whiz by day and Phase 5 wakesurf team at heart!

Phase Five Backside 360 Shuv with Zach Smith

Phase 5 Team Member Zach Smith is a rising pro for both surf and skim style wakesurfing.

Backside 360 Wakesurf Board Tricks from Phase 5

Jamie Drew, all around fun guy and jokester, gets big air for Team Phase Five.

Backside 720 Trick Tip from Shane Blanton and Phase 5

Check it out. Shane Blanton, Phase Five Team Rider, absolutely kills it behind the boat.

Drew Danielo, Phase5 Team, Teaches Backside Bigspin

Phase Five Team Member Drew Danielo… 7 times World Champion! Need we say more.

Trick Tip from Phase5 and Team Rider Jodi Grassman

Jodi Grassman, Phase Five Wakesurfer Team, wows with her personality!

Frontside Air Wakesurf Board Trick

Stacia Bank, Phase 5 Wakesurfer’s team rider, shows girls do have all the fun!

Frontside Body Varial with Jodi Grassman

Phase Five Wakesurfer Jodi Grassman has so much energy!

Liquid Force Wakesurfers 2017

2017 Liquid Force wakesurf boards in action.

Wakeboss & St Croix Dock for Fun in the Sun!